A Little bit about us

At ALUMICEAL, we focus on long-term business success through the production and distribution of premium decorative capsules. We are committed and continuously improve our best practices to maximize environmental, social and economic sustainability within the wine industry.

With our experienced team, we have not only become very good at manufacturing foil capsules, but also learned countless ways on why something would not work. This has been only possible by concentrating on one single product category and becoming good at it and by not repeating the mistakes of the past.

 ALUMICEAL® Foil Capsules provide a premium appearance for broad range of Product Packages, like Champagne, Wine, Sparkling Juices, Liquor, Coolers, Cider, Salad Dressing, Gourmet Sauces, Maple Syrup and Confectionery packaging.

Available in sizes to fit Crown, Cork, R.O.P.P., Plastic and many special finish closures, ALUMICEAL® foil capsules enhance the look and value of your product. ALUMICEAL® manufactures premium brand decorative foil capsules for all industries. We offer very competitive prices from large annual volumes to smaller production runs.

Choose from our broad selection of stock foil colors or special order your own specific color requirements. Options include smooth or textured finish. Wrap the top of your sparkling wines and champagnes with these foils for a superior presentation adding overall product value. At ALUMICEAL, we create foil capsules focused on quality and craftsmanship. With the years of experience in our process control, we are able to cater to various size of businesses, from small batch runs to large volume requirements.


As we take on to shorter production runs, our team can test new products and finishes at a more affordable and less risk-averse way. This gives us and our partners more opportunities for innovation.  Custom color Foil production allows our partners room to develop a strong following, experience and brand for their customers. We even make custom smaller foils for beer bottles, which is not the most common in the industry and can add an entirely new value proposition for breweries. 


The complete operations are done in-house to improve efficiency and control the quality of product. The market and its requirements have changed over a period of time and ALUMICEAL has kept itself updated with the changing needs of it’s Customers. At ALUMICEAL we use traditional methods through the process of manufacturing, hence preserving the classic finish to our foil capsules. From a Foil roll to colouring and slitting, all the steps are completed within our factory. This gives us complete control on quality and accuracy of the finished product.

Aluminum foil capsules add visual prestige to any type of bottle. They are a valuable part of your product’s personality and a guarantee of authenticity. Champagne and traditional bottled beers use them as a hallmark of premium product quality.

ALUMICEAL® works closely with you to achieve your desired Foil Capsule design and making sure that the product is delivered on schedule. ALUMICEAL® foil capsules are produced in accordance to top quality control standards along with HACCP methods. Our aim is not to just meet and exceed customer’s expectations but go beyond to delight and amaze them. Propelling your product and overall sales above and beyond is our mutual vision and goal.